Medical Intuitive

Heather’s studies at The School of Metaphysics were inclusive of years of voluntary weekly healing sessions for the local community. She became adept at unlocking Kundalini energy to bring balance to others on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. She always clears her own channel and balances her chakras before working with a client. She utilizes past life Egyptian understandings with quantum field healing modalities and counseling on conscious shifts that further assist individuals to find permanent healing. She has been described in her testimonials as “a true healer who only offers and embodies true goodness”. She has been utilizing her intuitive capacities through meditation for over forty years and has spent two decades as a medical intuitive.

Heather is an International Association of Medical Intuitives Member

πŸ’š Kundalini unlocked and utilized to scan entities on multiple levels of being
πŸ’š Chakra review and balancing to restore energies to native frequencies
πŸ’š Release of unwanted energetic blocks that stem from unwanted feelings and thoughts
πŸ’š Download of individual medicine plan to best serve harmonic balancing for the person
πŸ’š Intentional alteration of the quantum field for alignment with health, vigor, vibrancy, and wellness

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