MONDAYS, 10/30-12/18, 6-8 pm MST 
Pueo Certification
$33 weekly or $222

An eight week Zoom course on the kahuna wisdom available through the practices of the native medicine persons of Hawaii. Awaken to the dream you find yourself in and begin to create your life anew. Join with a group of like minds to send light and prayers to Hawaii. At home study and sliding scale payments available for those that inquire.

1st & 3rd SATURDAYS, 11/4-2/17, 6-7 pm MST 
Illumination Certification
$55.50 twice mo., $111 mo., or $444 total

Awaken to the authentic truth of self in 2024! 
Mastery of Light aligns the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual selves to find greater peace with existence, balance in life, and loving expression. Join us for exciting shifts in a spiritual community to re-align your life.

Call Heather Feather at (512) 620-0222 or to register.