Heather recently discovered that the repeat clients she has been working with have the greatest benefit from an intuitive counseling session with her. She utilizes the many modalities and tools that she has garnered to discern how to best serve the shift that is being desired by the caller. She deeply listens to receive the circumstance that elicited the call and offers methods for finding grace in the given paradigm.

Heather celebrates diversity and finds great pleasure in meeting people where they are in their self chosen belief matrix. She has studied many of the worlds religions and quantum mechanics. She may offer spiritual practice, scientific awareness, experiential emotional or thought related work to assist the individual with the desired change in a way that they relate. She works with a soul collective of guides that refer to themselves as “Ubuntu” or humanity. She accesses every metaphysical tool she has been gathering for over four decades to aid the person moving from where they are to where they want to be.

In extreme cases, she may choose to do soul retrieval work in response to the conversation. In a soul retrieval, a shaman traverses the spiritual planes of existence, and locates the quantum light or consciousness that a two legged left behind in a trauma experience. They restore this aspect of self by guiding the quantum light or consciousness to a healed state and restoring it the here and now consciousness of the individual.

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