Heather learned to do natal birth chart readings at the age of 13 after years of observing her mother offer them to friends and family. Heather has several intuitive water elemental influences that prevail in her own natal chart, including a Scorpio or Universal Secrets offering for her Solar Eclipse or teachings in this life. Additionally, a lack of earth elemental influence in her chart provides the perfect opening for her clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to presence in the readings. She holds over three decades of experience and has offered hundreds of natal birth chart readings in this time.

⭐ Elemental (air, earth, fire, & water) attention that leads to wholeness in the expression of all four elements
⭐ Insight into tendencies for the individual and offerings to create peaceable interactions with divergent personalities
⭐ Discussion of zodiac sign traits and influences
⭐ Planetary influences and meaning for all ten planets
⭐ Learnings (karma) and teachings (dharma) for the individual

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