Ancestral Healing

Heather has received her certification and completed her training with an Eagle Shamanic Elder and will have a chapter published in his upcoming book. As a result of this training, she often journeys to other realms to bring back key elements and understandings, that will aid one on the path to wholeness. Additionally, a lack of earth elemental influence in her chart provides the perfect opening for her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance gifts to presence themselves in these readings. The team of 35 spirit guides that she works with and her ally spirit team have invoked her to share ancestral healings with two leggeds to clear one’s being from ancestral trauma and to awaken ancestral gifts that are avaialable.

✨ A bridge being built in the etheric realms between your ally and ancestral spirits and mine.
✨ A shamanic journey session done remotely by me to access what is needed for healing.
✨ A clearing of old stagnant energies and any hexes, vexes, or curses ever placed on the line.
✨ An online Zoom call with the download that is received from the journey & the recording.
✨ Any instructions are shared that are given by the ally team as a result of the journey.

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