Rare Bird Medicine was created as a vehicle for Heather to aid others in remembering what they are, in truth, sacred love. Several ancient cultures believed birds were nature’s harbingers of the spiritual realm and their capacity for flight, indicative of the pursuit for higher knowledge. Rare Bird Medicine provides guidance for individuals to move towards alignment and expression of the higher knowledge of unification and love. Aligning with these spiritual truths evokes the quality of experience that every two legged seeks to witness.

Everything that we experience is seemingly steeped in concepts of separation, with self and other appearing to be apart, because of the space that lies between the two. However, the quantum foundation of all that we witness is a unified field of emptiness and energy. Heather utilizes three decades of experience and a variety of tools garnered in her life to restore unification with the truth, by assisting in removing any blocks to the awareness of love’s presence. She is always grateful to be medicinal to each unique and rare bird or spirit that she connects with and would be honored to work with you one on one. CONNECT: (512) 620-0222 | heather@rarebirdmedicine.com